March 6, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Two

About a year ago I started collecting sliver charms to add to a simple silver bracelet I've been wearing around for years. But I didn't just want to collect things I thought looked pretty - I wanted there to be a reason behind each trinket. And because I'm feeling sick today and as such am stuck indoors I thought now would be a perfect time to show it to you.
Image taken 06 March 2011

Of course you can't tell in this photo but each charm is tiny - no bigger than a centimeter - so it doesn't feel heavy at all. All of the charms represent certain passions in my life.

The book - I am an avid reader (you don't get the word bibliophile tattooed on your back being indifferent to books). The book also reminds me that everyone has their own stories to tell.

The globe - (The world actually spins on this charm... Talk about hours of mindless entertainment). I have always enjoyed traveling and one day I want to see the world. It always reminds me of the amazing places I've been and all the awesome places I've yet to experience.

The camera - Well that doesn't really need explanation, does it? A person doesn't undertake a 365 project without being at least a little bit passionate about photography.

The pallet and paintbrush - This is my expression of my love for all things creative. I love painting, writing, taking photos etc. In fact I'm drawn to anything that allow for creative expression.

The next charm I want to buy it either a typewriter or a computer as an expression of my love for writing. I suppose I could get a pencil or a quill but given that I hardly write more than my name by hand it makes more sense for me to go mechanical.

Well I'm off to bed to try and knock this sickness on the head before it can fully take hold. So until my next post I hope that you have had/are having a wonderful weekend and that you are able to indulge in your passions once in a while.

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  1. A fitting testament for an extraordinary person!