March 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Fourteen

I finally have a 35mm film camera in my bag of tricks. I had ordered a Holga 135bc and it arrived in the mail this week. There are a couple of things I have already discovered: 1) It's a bit fiddly to load 35mm film - I sat there for a fair while trying to get the film to fit. 2) I am truly a child of the digital age - I think I have a few multiple exposures because I forgot to wind the film on.

Anyway my new Holga is a welcome addition to my camera family.

Image taken 18 March 2011

Best of all it's PURPLE. I can't wait to get my first roll developed. I'm eager to see the vignetting, light leaks, and soft focus.

I wish I could have taken a better photo for day one hundred and fourteen but due to certain factors it just wasn't possible. So I had to make do with introducing you to the newest member of the family. I'm still yet to think of a decent name... Any suggestions?

Until my next post I hope you had a wonderful week and that your weekend's shaping up great.

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