March 14, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Nine

I have noticed the majority of my photos in project 365 are of inanimate objects or landscape shots. That's perfectly fine but I want to mix it up a bit - trying to expand my skill set. So I'm planning to do a few more portrait photographs - you know build my portfolio. I already have some people lined up. I can't wait!

But anyway here's a photo of another inanimate object. I do so enjoy a lovely cup of tea. As the weather starts to cool down I am looking forward to settling down with a warming cup of tea. I made myself my first pot of tea of 2011 - I usually just make myself a single cup but this time I went all out.

Image taken 13 March 2011

I think it's such a shame that I own a beautiful tea set - creamer, sugar bowl, cups, the whole bit - and I almost never use it. It's high time I have a tea party I think.

I'm just so excited about taking some more 'people' shots. It's something grand to be able to capture the true essence of a person. That's what I'm always looking for - to capture the precious (sometimes unseen or overlooked) moments and aspects of a person's life. I love growing in my passion and refining my skills. So if you'd like your picture taken contact me and I'd be ecstatic to arrange something!

Until the next update I hope your week is starting off right.

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