March 6, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred

Here we are at day one hundred. I'm actually quite pleased and surprised with myself. I thought for sure that I would have fallen off the wagon by now and completely given up on the project. Sure there are some photos that I haven't been happy with and some photos were taken in a bit of a rush. But on the whole I've been pretty pleased with how it has all been going. It's been good to have an on-going project.

Day one hundred was a bit of a rainy/overcast sort of day. I was planning to take a shot of these flowers in their natural habitat dripping with rain. But as I was attempting to take this shot at night. I found that holding an umbrella in one hand and a touch in the other while trying to focus my camera just wasn't working. So back inside I went clutching a freshly cut flower.

Image taken 04 March 2011

This darling frame belongs to a friend of mine. She graciously lent it to me for a little while... I have a couple ideas in my mind that I'm dying to try out. So there may be a few more pictures featuring this beautiful frame. I wish I could have made the entire background black instead of the white floor -- it would have made the white frame stand out even more.

Another photo is on the way...

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