March 12, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Seven

Easter has descended on the supermarkets. Well, actually they've been selling all things Easter for a while now. But I've been holding out - trying not to buy too soon (I mean, really, they put this stuff out the minute Christmas is over. What's with that?) But that's besides the point.

I finally gave in and brought myself an Easter egg. This particular one has a filling colored to look like the inside of an actual egg (kind of freaked me out to be honest). But it seemed like the perfect time to try a 'product' photo. Plus I couldn't think of any thing else to photograph.

Image taken 11 March 2011

It was so gross and melted by the time I had finished taking my photos that I threw it in the bin. I have no idea how professional food photographer's keep everything looking so fresh. They probably don't take as long to set up as I did. And so ends the tale of my first Easter egg of the season.

Another post coming up soon.

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