March 6, 2011

Project 365 - Day Ninety-Nine

Day ninety-nine's photo can otherwise be labeled 'Eeekk!! The day's almost finished and I still haven't taken the shot of the day... Quick what's scattered around the house?'. But since that's an extraordinarily long title I'll opt for day ninety-nine.

Enter a pretty purple flower growing just down my street.

Image taken 03 March 2011

This photo is actually full of the best of intentions. Some time ago I saw the most beautiful picture of a flower implementing a mirror in the background. In that picture in some ways the reflection of the flower looked better than the actual flower (hmmm... Could there be a moral to that story?). My picture didn't quite turn out that way. Unfortunately my mirror has some marks that wouldn't budge no matter how hard I scrubbed so that takes away from the picture slightly. But I'm kind of in love with the flower's brilliant purple petals. It's like a punch of colour in a sea of white.

No matter what your week held I hope you were able to find just the littlest bit of bright.

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