March 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Twelve

Do you have a power outfit? It might be a suit or something else entirely. I have a power outfit. Now this isn't the sort of outfit I could wear into an office situation. In fact this outfit usually gets a few curious glances (or maybe it's just me). I love this outfit it's fun, flirty, colorful and on the right side of hippy for my tastes. In short it simply feels me.

On day one hundred and twelve I decided it was time to break out the power outfit and take some photos.

Image taken 16 March 2011

I love how bright and bubbly this photo is. This is like a depiction of my real personality - bright, bubbly, and colorful. Sometimes I lose my real personality because of... whatever. Does this ever happen to you? All I know is that I had heaps of fun running around with balloons flying everywhere (and I'm sure a few onlookers found it pretty amusing too).

Now I would have liked to have a photo of me jumping making it look like i was about to fly away because of the helium balloons but since I can barely clear the floor it would have looked a little silly. I think I'll have to enlist someone else to pose for me so I can get that shot.

More updates are on the way.

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