March 23, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Sixteen

This photo is the result of a failed idea. The plan was to have a picture looking through the eyepiece of my collector camera to the candle beyond. But I didn't have time to set the shoot up the way I wanted it (yes I took this photo at about 11:30pm - but it was still the correct day). I'm interested to see if I can get the shot I want if I take the time to set it up right...

But anyway since I couldn't get the shot I wanted I figured I'd try a different way to showcase this beautiful old(ish) camera.

Image taken 20 March 2011

I am simply in love with this camera! If it wasn't so expensive I'd love to get it fixed so I could actually use it. But for now it's just a dream...

More on the way.

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