March 25, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Twenty

This post could otherwise be entitled: 'Going Corporate With A Tafline Twist'. Lately I've been enjoying getting all dressed up and experimenting with different looks. I find I have more self-confidence if I dress as me - not trying to fit into what's in fashion or wondering what people think. If I feel happy in myself then I am happy.

Anyway I put this outfit together and it made me feel so good that I knew it had to feature are the photo of the day.

Image taken 24 March 2011

Yes those are bright fuchsia thights -- and I adore them!! They don't look very bright in this photo because I was in the shade but they are beautiful and bright. I think they're pretty cool. They just make me happy. If I worked in an office I would love to to rock this look.

All in all day one hundred and twenty was a great day - with a trip to the optometrist (have I told you recently how great my optometrist is?) and meeting up with a friend. Most of all I felt good about myself... And that's seems like a pretty great day to me. So long live bright tights!!

Until next time I hope your weekend is shaping up to be wonderful.

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