August 20, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Sixty-Eight

Day two hundred and sixty-eight rolled around and I had another day working as a photographer's assistant. I cannot accurately convey how much fun I am having! Seriously I am looking every minute of it!! It's also giving me invaluable experience and letting me learn more and more about the industry. I am ever so gratefully for the opportunity. During a break in between clients I decided to full up my camera (which looks so whimpy compared to the professional camera!) and take a photo of part of the set up.

Image taken 19 August 2011

Backdrops, soft-boxes, light stands, lights, head lamps, power boxes, tripod, and a camera (plus a few other bits and pieces). Oh me, oh my! It's a think of beauty. I'm learning oh so much from every session. At the end of every one I scamper home and furiously write down all that I can remember... Can you tell how much I love it? All of it? If anything being a photographer's assistant had made me 1000% sure that I want to be in this industry.


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