August 30, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Seventy-Nine

Something weird has been happening to me lately. I have always been a complete night owl. The type of person who very rarely goes to bed before 2am. You know that type of person. Well for the past few days I've been in bed by 8pm and up by 3am!! I have no idea what's happened. One things for sure I'm not a big fan of this change in my sleeping pattern. I want my old patterns back!! The one nice thing about this new sleep schedule is that I get to see some wonderful morning scenes.

Image taken 30 August 2011

I took this photo as I was walking out of the shopping center (I got there before lots of the shops were open - never done that before!). This photo doesn't really do justice to what I saw. It reminded me of some of the famous watercolor paintings I have seen. There were so many beautiful layers of clouds and shading. It was simply stunning! I need to figure out the best way to capture a scene like this. Looks like more internet reading for me. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


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