August 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Sixty

I have already discussed my love of cooking. One of my favorite things it when I learn to cook or bake something new. I like to think that if I was ever somewhere kind-of-remote where I couldn't simply pop down to the shops to get something that I could whip up most things. A few weeks ago I brought some rosewater so of course it seemed like the perfect time to learn how to make Turkish Delight... from scratch!

Image taken 11 August 2011

This is my second batch and I now feel completely confident that I can successfully make Turkish Delight from scratch. Everyone wants to have that in their culinary skills, don't they? It's a rather time intensive process and I can't say I'll be cooking it regularly but it's nice to know that if push came to shove I would be able to make these yummy Turkish treats. Are you a fan of Turkish Delight?

~ Thanks so much for reading! Come back soon!! Tafline

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