August 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Fifty-Eight

Holy moley! I took a bit of an unintended blogger break there. The minute I miss about 3 blog posts it all seems to snowball and it's been a week before you know it. Will I ever learn this lesson?

So anyway day two hundred and fifty-eight was mainly spent in bed and at the doctors. (My, what an exciting day! Ha ha ha). But on the way home from the doctors I noticed the sun was sinking and it was begging to be the subject of day two hundred and fifty-eight.

Image taken 09 August 2011

I simply love the layers of colors! There's just something dreamy about them. I'm desperate to get some material with this color scheme -- it would make such a pretty skirt.

~ Thanks so much for reading!! Come back soon!!! Tafline

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