August 26, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Seventy-Four

A photography minded friend of mine had discovered a spot that looked like it had some photogenic qualities (great find Miss E!). Of course it was about time for another photography adventure. So we got together a few like minded friends to see

While the others of the group experimented with different lighting/set-up I 'saw' the exact image I wanted to capture. So I waited until the area was clear and snapped my shot. Two frames later and I knew I had exactly what I wanted.

Image taken 25 August 2011

I love the way the light hits the tunnel - just barely giving its dimensions away. The contrast of the red and blue lighting balanced out quite nicely I think. And I love that you get the slightest glimpse of one of my friends light painting in the tunnel...

I spent the rest of the evening helping out with different lighting for the others (when required), watching different styles and approaches to photography, appreciating the comradery and simply enjoying the crisp night air. It was a pretty glorious way to spend a few hours if you ask me!


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