August 17, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Sixty-Five

I *almost* forgot to take the photo of the day. Luckily I remembered just as I was about to tuck into my dessert. Sometimes there is nothing better than a fudge-y, chocolatey ice-cream encased in a crispy cone. Oh so yummy!

Image taken 16 August 2011

The best part was after taking this photo I got to tuck in and enjoy this delightful dessert. What's your favorite dessert?

On another note I can't believe this is day two hundred and sixty-five. Only one hundred days left until I've completed project 365!! It has gone oh so quickly. I'll probably end up starting it all over again because I can't imagine not doing it.

~ Thanks so much for reading!! Come back soon!! Tafline

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