August 17, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Sixty-Six

Back to my beautiful flowers! I am enjoying play with color or the absence of it in photographs. Sometimes a photo seems to have more depth as a black and white. But then sometimes I love the vibrancy and life that is conveyed in a color photo. There is defiantly a place for both types of photography and I love experimenting with both.

Image taken 17 August 2011

I think the black and white in the above photo makes the little white flower stand out in amongst a sea of (what are in actuality) purple flowers. In the below photo I love the vibrant colors held within the eye of the flower.

So tell me... Which are you a fan of? Color photography or black and white? Or are you like me and a big fan of both styles?

~ Thanks so much for reading!! Come back soon!!! Tafline

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