April 11, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Thirty-Eight

I missed a perfect photo opportunity today. The first time I've missed one in a while. You see since I began project 365 I have been taking my camera EVERYWHERE. But since I was only heading to the fruit and veg shop I decided to leave my camera at home. And there staring me right in the face was a great photo and me with nothing to capture it with.

Lesson learned I shall never leave my camera at home again! So instead I want for a little wander to see what I could see.

Image taken 11 April 2011

It's kind of hard to be objective about this photo because I know what I could have gotten today and this simply doesn't measure up. But still it's a decent enough photo. There is so much intricacy and beauty in nature.

Until next time I hope your week is starting off great.

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