April 8, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Thirty-Two

I wrote this post two days ago and forgot to post. Oops! My bad. Anyway On day one hundred and thirty-two I headed out to a celebratory birthday dinner for my sister-in-law (Happy Birthday Mrs H!). There was wonderful food and fantastic company! The perfect sort of evening in my opinion.

Anyway the restaurant we went to has to more delectable dessert imaginable. Chocolate filled deep fried wontons! These little sweet, crunchy drops of goodness.

Image taken 05 April 2011

During the evening I was taken by the beautifully set table filled with fun, food and laughter. There's something about dining in a restaurant that makes eating far more pleasant. Don't you think?

Before catching up for dinner I set off early with the purpose of capturing a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately due to traffic and miserable weather I didn't really get what I was after. So I had to make do with a photo I had taken along the way.

More posts to come!

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