April 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Forty-Six

I visited a local lake today keen to take a photo of some beautiful water lilies. Unfortunately there were none close enough to the shore. So there was nothing else for it - it was time to take off my shoes, roll up my jeans and go wading. So I went wading into the unknown fervently hoping that I wouldn't step in something squishy, slimy or moving. Luckily it had been raining most of the preceding day so the lake was filled with lovely fresh water - no yucky slimy stuff in sight.

Image taken 19 April 2011

I have discovered that I will go to amazing lengths in order to get the photo I want. Link wading into a lake to get the close up shot I'm looking for. Or lying down in damp sand in a dress and tights to get the angle I'm looking for. Once I get an idea or concept in my mind I will try just about anything to see it come to fruition. I just get so focused on seeing my ideas come to life that sometimes I forget everything else. Am I the only person like this? Or does this happen to you?

Until my next post I hope you manage to find the beauty in everyday.

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