April 9, 2011

I Write The Story...

~ It's been a while since I've written a poem - distracted by other interests I expect. It was time to give it another go. I'd love to hear what you think!

I Write The Story

By Tafline

I write the story of us

I write how we met

Fell in love

I write of the day you asked for my hand

There are no white steeds in this story

No damsels that need saving

Just us

Doing life together

I write of the day I wore white

And promised to be your wife

I write of that sweet moment

You said ‘I do’

There’s no happily ever after here

There are struggles

Triumphs and tragedies

Regrets and hopes

I write of our children

Of how we grew them up strong and true

We taught them to be individuals

To laugh, live, learn, and love

I write of the battles we have face

And the victories we have won

I write of our love that stood

And lasted throughout the years

I write the story of us

And all that we’ve been through

I look back at the life we’ve lived

And I see the story that needs to be told

As I lift my pen from the paper

I feel you depart from me

For you were only a figment of my imagination


And I mourn the loss of you

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