April 14, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Forty-One

I've told you about my completely awesome optometrist before. They are a phenomenal bunch of people at Specsavers Strathpine (this is just my opinion - not a paid endorsement). The entire team provide fantastic personal service helping me with whatever my vision needs may be. My optometrist is so compassionate, friendly, and is sensational at his job. In short he is the best optometrist (and I've been to a few).

Anyway I recently needed an update in my prescription and it seemed like the perfect time to get myself some new frames. It made me realise that all my self-portraits so far feature me wearing my contacts (it's true I'm a contacts girl through and through) so it was time to break out the glasses. I think they look pretty awesome!

Image taken 14 April 2011

I can even give you some outfit details with this post - unheard of! You probably don't care but I'm going to give them to you anyway.
Glasses - Prescription Tommy Hilfiger from Specsavers Strathpine
Top - From a shop in Nice, France (ooo la la)
Shear top - A gift from my mum

As part of the great deals on offer I got my hands on my beautiful Tommy Hilfiger frames and a pair of County Road prescription sunglasses. And because I'm in a health fund it didn't cost me anything. What a deal! Here's a picture of my beauties:

So if you're looking for an optometrist head on over to Specsavers Strathpine. I cannot give them a high enough recommendation.

Until my next post I hope your week has been fantastic!

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