April 24, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Forty-Eight

I'm not really one for the bar/club scene. It doesn't appeal to me very much (not that I have any experience). I'm really more of a good book and/or a great cup of coffee person. And the idea of music blasting from the speakers so loud that it makes the floor shake is a foreign concept. That was until day one hundred and forty-eight.

I had agreed to go with a good friend of mine to go see a band... live... in the Valley. So basically I had agreed to step completely out of my comfort zone and try something terrifyingly new. It was with much trepidation that I made the journey into the Valley - thinking it would be horrible and my ears would be irretrievably damaged.

Instead I had a FANTASTIC time! I loved the live music - even getting pretty close to the stage at different points. I loved the energy and it was the most interesting people watching experience. It was great fun. I am so glad I was brave and willing to try something new (a big thing for me to do). Admittedly the bands we saw were mostly acoustic based but it was still a different and amazing experience than what I'm used to. I now kind of understand what all the fuss is about.

One of the bands we saw was Elliot The Bull. I had never heard of them previously and I have to say now I'm a bit of a fan. Here's a picture of one of the singers/guitarists

Image taken 21 April 2011

And then the band that we had actually come to see took to the stage. I had to get a few photos of course. Disappointingly the band was lit with horrible red lights so most of my photos just look like red blobs of nothingness surrounded by blue blobs. But I bumped my ISO w-a-y up and actually managed to get something resembling a face for the lead singer - albeit a very red face. Here's my best shot of As Tall As Lions.

They were awesome live. It was an amazing experience to hear them actually play. I think you get to see more of who they are as people instead of just listening to the music. You get a whole different vibe from it. I could have gotten far better shots with a 70-20 2.8 lens... and a better camera. Oh Nikon d7000 when are you going to come into my life?

But I had a great time and I would be totally keen to go to more gigs (see I'm even getting into the lingo) in future. I am so glad I went. It's opened me up to a whole new set of experiences. And it's yet another step in the awesome adventure that is the journey of life. So thank you Miss S for helping me to try something new!

When's the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new?

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