April 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Forty-Three

Day one hundred and forty-three was so much F-U-N!! I have a cousin who is getting married soon (less than 10 weeks to go!) and I thought it was a perfect time for me to do a mock engagement photoshoot. What's more the happy couple let me!!

So a big congratulations to Miss A and Mr D! Thank you so much for letting me take some (okay, lots) pictures. Mr D hung in there like a champ - given that he's not the biggest fan of photos (Thanks Mr D!). I did take slightly longer than anticipated. Oops!

But I did get some really lovely photos. Some ideas I had worked out perfectly (like the one below) and some didn't work at all. That's the way it goes I suppose...

Image taken 16 April 2011

I just love that photo. Simple and elegent yet able to tell a story. The whole photoshoot was great experience and I learnt a lot. Some of my favorites are going into my portfolio for sure.

Because it's a little pointless to do a photoshoot for one single photo I'll share a couple of my other favorites.

When taking photos outside you always run the risk of the wind messing with your hair. This photoshoot was no exception. But it still made for some lovely photos.

It was fantastic to spend some time with my cousin and her family. I can't wait to take some pictures at their wedding!

Until my next post stay safe my friends and I hope your weekend was as fantastic as mine!

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