September 20, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Ninety-Nine

So here is my most exciting news (well at least it's exciting to me!). After months of hard saving (I can count how many times I've been out for coffee on my hands) and with some generous birthday gifts I have managed to get myself a brand-spanking-new Nikon d7000! Mention here and here. If you've followed this blog for a while you will know I've been lusting after this particular camera for ages and now it's finally mine!! Yahoo!!!

Image taken 19 September 2011

There is so much to learn about this camera. I feel like I need to take the manual to bed every night to try and grasp everything I need to know. It's all so exciting!! I am very glad that I put in the hard yards and paid for and saved for the majority of this camera myself. It feels like I earned it and I deserve it. Saying no to all the pretty dresses I could have brought right that second in favor of something bigger. But I am so very thankful to the people who generously helped me get the camera that much sooner. It truly means the world to me!

Even though I now have my camera I have no intention of stopping super savings mode. Especially now that I'm used to it. There's so much to do! Lenses to be brought, bags to get, vacations to be had, studio lighting to be purchased... The list goes on and on and on. Now that I have a healthy savings routine there's no need to change it! What about you? Are you a natural saver? Or like me did you have to teach yourself to save?

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  1. ooooh yay how exciting! i really want to get a decent camera but i'm still on the 'saving up' stage, sob x