September 26, 2011

Project 365 - Day Three Hundred And Five

Remember when I shared those photos from Riverfire? Well that was the start of a month of festivities appropriately named Brisbane Festival (no points for originality). Anyway one part of this festival was the construction of a giant ball of mirrors called the Golden Casket Light Sphere.

Image taken 25 September 2011
(Otherwise titled: Mirror, mirror on the ball why is the bridge called 'Goodwill'?)

Now about every photographer/enthusiast (plus a multitude of happy snappers) have taken a plethora of photographs of this artist installation. But I just couldn't pass up the chance to take a couple (okay more than a couple) of photos of my own. I first saw this beautiful ball of mirrors on my friend's flickr. (Check her out!). So all credit to Miss E for alerting me to and telling me about this stunning artwork.

It was very difficult to get the photos I was looking for. The combination of it being a Sunday, school holidays, and the novelty of the mirror ball meant there were people everywhere! Sometimes I had a beautiful picture filling my viewfinder... except for the people milling around. I got very good at quickly snapping 'the shot' when people stepped out of my lens view for just a second.

I adore how the mirror ball puts a different spin on the world around you. In some photos I have the stunning blue sky with beautifully fluffy clouds reflected back at me. Then as night fell it turned into a beautiful reflection of the the wonderful city lights that were surrounding me. I could have sat there forever watching the world spin by on that big, beautiful mirror ball. Here's hoping that the powers that be decide to make it a permanent monument instead of a fleeting exhibition.

So if you live in Brisbane and you haven't seen the magnificent mirror ball I suggest you go for a visit in case it gets taken down forever. Brisbanites: have you visited the mirror ball? Are you in love with it like I am?

Whatever the case and wherever you live I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

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