June 30, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Eighteen

So there's not much to say about today's photo. It's simply a photo of something beautiful. Enjoy:

Image taken 30 June 2011

I'll try an shake it up a bit - I just realized I've posted three macro shots in a row. What can I say macro is just so much fun! One thing that sets this shot slightly apart is that I only pressed the shutter button twice. I'm try to teach myself to set up the shot and envisage it all before I even think of hitting the shutter button. Sometimes I can take a HEAP of shots just to get one single photo. It's all about becoming a smarter photographer.

So I have a question... I often struggle to figure out how to 'sign off' from my posts. Are you a fan of the signature type thing or do you like it to be a different sign off every time? What's your opinion?

Until next time I hope your week has been magnificent!

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