June 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred

Day two hundred!! Woohoo!! Two hundred days just feels big for some reason. I'm actually quite surprised that I haven't missed a day yet. Sure some have been rushed and some have been a bit less than my absolute best. But I have been sticking to my goal. It will be amazing to see my whole year in pictures.

It was yet another fantastic day with my friends. We drove down the coast and I got to get some more practice at portrait photography. Thanks guys for letting me take endless photos!

Image taken 12 June 2011

Aren't they awesome? It was a great weekend full of great conversation and many, many laughs (and lots of food). Unfortunately the whole time they were up here it was cold and overcast. So much for the Sunshine State. But we had a great time despite in inclement weather.

Another post is on the way

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