June 13, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Ninety-Seven

Wow! Sorry for the unplanned blogger break there guys. It's been an extremely busy few days but more on that later. For now let's back it up for a minute here and fill in a few of the missing days.

On day one hundred and ninety-seven I met up with a friend for coffee and by the time I was heading home night had fallen. I was reminded once again how much I like night driving.

Image taken 09 June 2011

I find there's something soothing about driving at night. Sometimes if I'm struggling to get to sleep I love to get in my car and simply get lost in the drive and the journey. The glow of the dashboard and the lights steaming by are somewhat romantic I think. It's ever so beautiful. Are you a fan of driving at night?

Another post is on the way...

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