June 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Ninety-Nine

Finally I'm writing my next post - sometimes when I don't post for a few days it seems impossible to get back on top of things. I suppose that's what happens when you take a photo everyday. But that's beside the point.

Last weekend was a fabulously fun weekend. I have three lovely ladies come to visit me! You remember the three girls I met on tour who I then went to visit in Sydney? Well that decided to return the favor and come visit me!

Image taken 11 June 2011

It was amazing to spend some time with these awesome ladies. I found it wonderful to hang out with my friends and show them around my city. It allowed my to become a bit of a tourist in my own city. I discovered that I actually really like Brisbane. Try being a tourist in your own city. It'll allow you to see it with fresh eyes and you might find you appreciate it more than you think.

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