June 13, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Ninety-Eight

I wonder what it looks like when I'm trying to take a self-portrait. It probably looks fairly strange seeing a person all dressed up like they're going out to a fancy dinner while traipsing in the woodland toting a plethora of camera equipment. Add to that me smiling madly at my camera and tripod set-up while frantically pressing my remote control. But I don't really care what other people think because I have heaps of fun and I'm learning lots from my regular self-portrait shots.

Image taken 10 June 2011

This shot was taken in a huge park near my house. It had a lovely line of trees which seemed to make a natural corridor. Can anybody say perfect place for a portrait? I'm planning to go back there if there for any portraits I may take in the future.

I'll hopefully be uploading the rest of the missing days tomorrow. Until then I hope your week is off to an amazing start!

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