June 23, 2011

Project 365 - Day Two Hundred And Nine

When I woke up on day two hundred and nine I discovered that I was having a perfect hair day. Seriously I woke up and without doing ANYTHING my hair was sitting perfectly. Given that when I wake up my hair looks much like a rat's nest this was a big moment.

So I decided I needed to document this perfect hair and it seemed like a nice day to do my weekly self-portrait shot. In an effort to find a lovely background I went to the beach. What a mistake! The minute the salty wind hit my hair the 'perfect hair day' was lost forever.

Image taken 21 June 2011

Despite the resulting messy hair it was a lovely spot to watch the sun disappear from the sky. It was such a beautiful spot I'm planning to go back there to get some pretty landscape spots. One of the many benefits of doing this project is that I've found so many wonderful little spots in Brisbane.

There's another post coming soon!

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