May 9, 2011

Project 365 - Day One Hundred And Sixty-Five

One hundred and sixty-five days down only two hundred more to go! I am still really enjoying the project. It's so much fun! Sure you get a few sub-par photos but for the most part it's a great way to see improvement in technique and realize how special life is.

Anyway on day one hundred and sixty-five I loaded up my gear into mum's car to go spend a few days up at her house. I love spending time with my mum. She's amazing!! Not just on Mother's day but every single day I am so thankful to have such an wonderful mum. When we spend time together there's lots of laughter until tears are running down my face as I begin to beg for a chance to catch my breath. All in all a wonderful way to spend a few days.

When we were making out way up to her house we noticed a fog slowly lifting from the valley... Can anyone say beautiful photo? So we quickly pulled over so I could make the most of the sublime setting.

Image taken 08 May 2011

There's something wonderfully mysterious about fog. I always feel like Heathcliff or Mr Darcy could come striding out of the miry depths at any moment... Excuse me for a moment while I swoon...

There were so many beautiful sights as we made the journey from my place to her's. One that particularly caught my eye was a bridge that still stood despite the massive flooding that had swept through the area. I was captivated by its character and details...

The setting sun signaled the end to a lovely day as I snapped one last picture before settling in for the night.

I love how clouds paint the sky adding depth, dimension and texture. It's simply glorious!

Until my next post I hope that you had a lovely weekend and that your week is off to a fantastic start!

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