November 2, 2010

Day Twelve

Eeek!!! I am SO far behind... Sorry for the extended leave of absence but internet coverage was spotty at best and when we did have a connection I was simply too tried to blog. So I'll do my very best to get back up to speed over the next couple of weeks and then we will resume our regular programming (I have no idea why I just referred to it as 'our' regular programming but nothing else sounded right... Oh well you can just blame it on the jet lag)

So day eleven saw us making our way from Lechlade to London. Due to the slightly nerve racking conditions of London we were dropping the car off at Heathrow and catching the Heathrow express into London. The drive was a little intense nervously looking for the appropriate exit and the map just made it look more confusing.

But we got there then headed to the Heathrow terminal to catch the train. Again more confusion with various levels being marked the same thing made even more interesting by carrying a heavy backpack and tugging a purple suitcase behind me.

Anyhow we finally made it into London and catch one of those iconic black cabs to the hotel the tour was leaving from the next morning. Now the plan was to get into London with enough time for me to do a little exploring because I only had two full days in London at the end of the holiday. However upon checking in at the hotel and finding out we'd be getting a wake up call at 3am (!!!!) the next morning (mum assures me she had warned me about this extremely early start and she may well have but I had obviously blocked out that piece of information for fear of it) we decided to make sure we were all packed and have a very early night of it. For those of you who don't know me - I dislike mornings - specifically early morning - with such intensity it rivals the power of the sun.

But the main fact about this day was it was the only day during my entire adventure that I didn't take a single picture (I mean did you really want a picture of the hotel room? I think not).

Up next we get to the good stuff... Onward to destination Amsterdam.

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