November 10, 2010

Day Twenty-Four

France here we come!! But first we pay a visit to the little town on Pisa. We open on yet another beautiful day on tour.

Yes the tower was still leaning. I tried to get a picture of me holding up the tower but it didn't come out that well. Instead I just look like I'm standing there holding my hand at an awkward angle.

All we really visited was the town square where the tower is (the bell tower of the cathedral), the cathedral, the Baptistry and the burial ground. Plus many a tourist trinket shop. Yet again I was surprised by a known tourist venue - I expected the leaning tower to be much bigger. It always looks so big in photos and in movies. Plus rationally one would assume that it's fairly tall and that's why it's leaning. It is in fact only 7 stories tall. That's what I call shoddy craftsmanship!

Closing thoughts on Pisa? Been there, done that, brought a leaning bottle for my trouble. I was more than ready to take on France!

Next we visited the city/country of Monaco! I could happily live there forever and ever. Anyone got a spare 5 million dollars you can lend me? It is such a clean, safe and spectacular place. We even took the bus on a portion of the grand pix circuit.

The most amazing part of the whole of Monaco - for me anyway - was wandering through the Princess Grace Gardens. I haven't a clue why it made such an impact. Maybe because it was the first gardens I had been in in quite a while and I simply enjoyed the freshness or maybe it was the amazing view it provided. Whatever the case it was simply amazing.

After Monaco we made our way to our home for the next two nights - a beautiful hotel in Nice. A few of friends on tour and I went into the 'old town' of Nice for some spectacular dinner. Plus some fabulous night photos of the lovely town.

This fountain was smack-bang in the middle of town. It was so beautifully lit up with water spouts. I had a feeling I was going to like France!

Next we have a day in Nice.

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