November 3, 2010

Day Fourteen

From Amsterdam we made our way down into Germany - first stop Cologne.

Now the only real thing of importance I saw in Cologne (unless you want me to describe what I had for lunch in great detail) was the Cologne cathedral. What a masterpiece of Gothic architecture! I couldn't get a decent full view of the cathedral as I don't own a ultra wide angle lens but this still gives the idea of the enormity of it all.

What you can't appreciate fully in that picture is the level of artistry in the stone work. The whole thing was covered in carved out lace work and a large array of statues and gargoyles. Inside the cathedral was just as impressive with its vaulted ceilings and stain-glass windows.

It was an amazing place of such enormity that I could have happily spent the day investigating it trying to find out if any of the statues' faces were repeated. But alas it was time to move on and go for a cruise down the Rhine River.
The small section of the river we traveled down was dominated by lush grapevines with quaint houses and imposing castles dotting the countryside.
There was so much to look at and to take pictures of it was hard to know where to point your camera next. It seemed every moment there was a new castle to take photos of or a little town that seemed ripped right out of a fairytale.

I would love to go back to Germany and explore the country in a little more detail - go to places of historical importance and see what the rest of the country in like.

But the highlight of the day for me was the Cologne cathedral for sure. It was breathtaking!! Making me feel so small and insignificant. There is a majestic quality about it and it is the essence of everything I understood Gothic architecture to be.

Next stop Switzerland...

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