November 3, 2010

Day Fifteen

Heidelberg was our last German destination. It was a cute little town with a certain charm about it. One on the dominate features of Heidelberg was a bridge with an amazing sculpture of a monkey at one end of it.

The sculptor signed his work by making a tiny sculpture of two mice. I wished I could pick them up and take them with me. I am constantly amazed at the age of everything! Australia just seems so very young comparatively.

Moving on we set a course for Switzerland. Right on the boarder in the Germany and Switzerland is a town called Schaffhausen. This is where the Rhine basically ends (begins who knows?) in a crash of a waterfall. The sheer power of the crash of water is amazing.

We headed into Switzerland: destination Lucerne. When we got to Lucerne we tour a boat cruise on the lake. Unfortunately it was quite foggy that afternoon so all the photos I took look out of focus and fuzzy. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. But I was so very grateful we were getting to spend tomorrow in Lucerne.

By this time I was slowly getting to know the other passengers and they were fantastic. Funny, friendly and as excited about the trip as I was. I seriously made the trip that much more enjoyable by getting to know almost everyone.

Next we have a day in Lucerne...

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