November 9, 2010

Day Twenty-Three

We headed from Sorrento to Florence. Homework time again! Look it up on a map and know it's a L-O-N-G way especially when you figure in frequent stops.

This was a pretty long and low day. The pace of the tour was beginning to wear. So I spent the long bus drive watching a movie (thank you iTouch), listening to music, and basically trying to zone out. Our tour guide had warned us that about this time we would be tagged with tour fatigue. Boy I had tour fatigue big time!!

When we got to Florence I got my leather jacket fixed by the best Italian leather workers and I had to pay a visit to the first ever gelato shop. That shop had the best gelato - a lovely fudge chocolate moose concoction. It has ruined me for all other ice cream!

While finishing my beautiful ice cream we wandered to the square proudly displaying the replica of the statue of David. An anatomically inaccurate statue - for David was Jewish and the statue is... well... not.

Florence was interesting but I feel like I have been there and done that. It was interesting but once I had seen it I didn't really feel the need to ever go back. Plus I was ready to tackle France!

Next we say arrivederci to Italy because France here we come!

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