November 23, 2010

Days Thirty & Thirty-One

So my two full days in London were a blur of amazing sights, cold and flu medicine and awesome experiences. I didn't want it to ever end! So I'll just give you the highlights.

While on a hop on/hop off bus tour I discovered that I had been inaccurately calling the pictured below building below the 'Big Ben'. But the name 'Big Ben' is actually the name of one of the bells inside the tower. The tower is simply the bell tower.

We took a champagne 'flight' on the London Eye. In case you're wondering - yes it is extremely high and yes it did provide amazing views.

Walking around London I fell in love with a building affectionately called 'the gherkin'. This structure is simply amazing! Did you know that there is one piece of curved glass in the entire building? That's a awesome architectural achievement if you ask me.

There was a plethora of sights - a replica of Shakespeare's Globe and the Tower bridge. Just to name a few.

I indulged in plenty of shopping (hello Oxford street, Top Shop and more!) - 'You like it? Thanks! I picked it up in London'. I even ran into some of my friends from tour. We figured out how to use the Tube and walked up the red royal road. I even got to see those fascinating guards at Buckingham Palace in the tall, black, furry hat and bight red coats. Too cute!

There is something special about London. It has both good and bad parts. There are people -- always so many people!! There is never a moment of quiet. Crowds of people everywhere. Such a mix of nationalities and so many food options. It was pretty phenomenal to be in a place with so much history. I found it pretty amazing that there's a gigantic park in the middle of such a huge urban area.

I could have happily spent a few weeks there maybe even a few months. It would have been awesome to get to know the real city. I'd love to wander the streets and discover this beautiful city's hidden treasures. There would be so much more underneath the surface. It was pretty magical and a lovely way to say goodbye to my European adventure.

Next I say a tearful goodbye to my amazing adventure. It's time for a wrap up...

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