November 13, 2010

Day Twenty-Six

On day twenty-six disaster stuck! Okay, dramatic much? To qualify I personally hit a little bump in the road. I had a cold! And I was not impressed.

Considering that I was feeling pretty physically spent by this time add a cold into the mix and I was pretty much over it. But even all that couldn't take away from the beauty of Avignon (the only stop of note of the day). Restaurants lined the sides of the plaza - where I had the most beautiful French Onion Soup - with the cutest little carousel at one end of it. I would have loved to have ridden on it.

The bridge at Avignon was pretty spectacular and had I had been feeling better I would have put in much more of an effort to get a better picture of it. Missed opportunity! I guess it just means I'll have to go back again.

The rest of the day was spent in the bus traveling from Nice to Lyon. (Are you looking at your map?) I had my head stuck in a book most of the day trying to will my sickness away. It didn't work. I was feeling so rotten that I even skipped dinner.

The other horrible aspect of this day? I was my wost photography day of the whole of tour. None of my shots works out how I wanted them too and everything looked mediocre at best- but I choose to blame it on my cold.

Thoughts on Avignon and Lyon? Well all we saw of Lyon was the hotel room so I have absolutely no thoughts neither positive or negative about Lyon. As for Avignon it was a picturesque little town - dominated by the cathedral/church thing (honestly we were told heaps of information about every place we visited but I can't remember anything about Avignon other than a reference to a nursery rhyme. Again, I choose to blame the cold.)

So I was feeling sick and sorry for myself. For we were heading for Paris the next morning (Paris!! The place I'd wanted to visit forever) and I was sick. Still I was going to try and get the most of my adventure.

Next stop the city of lights...

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