November 4, 2010

Day Seventeen

Leaving Switzerland we headed through to Austria with a quick stop in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Never heard of Liechtenstein? Well I had but only because one of my favorite authors comes from there. It was such a quaint little place and apparently very wealthy (and maybe a little bit of a tax haven). There was a little model of the castle where Prince Hans-Adam II lives. Can anyone say photo op? Now I usually don't like photos of myself (not the hugest fan of this one either truth be told). I like to be behind the shutter button not in front of it. But I needed photographic evidence that I had actually been to these places - to prove that I wasn't just picking random photos of the internet and passing them off as mine. So here I am standing beside the model of the castle of Liechtenstein.
The town of Innsbruck is famous for the golden roof - which I neglected to take a photo of - built by some guy trying to prove he wasn't broke... Because nothing says 'rich' like a golden roof apparently. I didn't find it that impressive to be honest but what I was taken by was the Cathedral of St. Jakob.
I took many, many photo inside that place!! I decided not to board you with them all and just share one of my favorites. Everything was so ornate!! It was practically dripping in opulence with the golden-gilded angel wings and the massive pipe organ that took up a whole wall of the place. It was magnificent! Again the attention to detail simply astounded me.

Now by this time the hefty pace of the tour was beginning to catch up with me so instead of going on the excursion (riding in horse-drawn carriages up the mountain to sample the local home-brewed schnapps) I elected to stay behind at the hotel at have a nap a.k.a a 3 1/2 hour long sleep! While I'm sure that I missed a great time it was very necessary for me to take it easy as we were about to attack Italy in full force.

The definite highlight for me was seeing inside the cathedral of St. Jakob. It was what I imagined the Vatican to be like. There was such amazing attention to detail in the iron and stone works. It was like a piece of art in itself.

Coming up next... Venice here we come!

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