October 10, 2010

Day Eleven

This was it... Oxford day!!! It was everything I imagined and so much more. After a really early start we decided to begin with a hop on / hop off sightseeing bus that gave an interesting overview with fascinating commentary. To quote a movie this town had me at hello.
I was in the town where literary criticism first began -- where the discipline I study found it's feet. It was beautiful, charming and bathed in history. What I study - something I find so much enjoyment in - all comes back to this amazing place.

Now I must confess I didn't manage to get exceptional photos but I did manage to snap a few. I think I was so swept up in the spirit of the place that I was slightly lax. Unfortunately my pictures simply do not do the place justice. It is magical!!!

It was awe inspiring to walk the streets shared by some of my literary heroes such as J.R.R Tolkin and C.S Lewis. The whole town had majestic sandstone buildings and imposing statues gazing at you from every angle.

I badly wanted to see inside the gigantic library (did you know that the catalog is so large it has to be stored in numerous large rooms underground and students can wait for up to 6 hours waiting for the book to be delivered via underground railway?) but unfortunately visitors may only see the library during a guided tour and none of the times fit my schedule. But just being that close to such a seat of knowledge was amazing... When I next come and visit I will be going on the guided tour for sure.

I knew that I would enjoy Oxford but I was surprised at how exceptionally taken in I became. I could have happily wandered the streets for days and days discovering the hidden gems of the town. It was simply fantastic to be in a town I have been reading about and dreaming about for so very long.

Even the vehicles are scholarly. You know you're visiting a college town when the taxi cabs are decorated with the periodic table.

I went a little crazy in one of the Oxford gift shops... My mum snapped this picture of me wearing the official Oxford hoodie. I must say I like this image - it's like I belong. It's a sign - I should go and study in Oxford. That would be fantastic!

For me this was the perfect end to this leg of my amazing journey.

Next we head to London to begin the bus trip...

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  1. Wow, what an exciting adventure you are having! You look so cute in that Oxford hoodie! That periodic table taxi is pretty cute! Happy travelling!