October 9, 2010

Day Nine

On day nine we needed to get from Thurstonfield to Lechlade (near Oxford) and that meant one thing: motorways. It was a long day's driving with no real availability to stop for photos. However we decided to stop about half way through the journey in Derbyshire to take in the magnificent views of Chatsworth House.

It has long been speculated that Jane Austen based Pride and Prejudice's Pemberley was based on Chatsworth House.

Looking at the stately home, gardens, and stables I really did think I was looking around Pemberley... In fact such is the resemblance that the house has been used as Pemberley in the Keira Knightly version.

This was one place I badly wanted to see. I was so very glad we were able to get to visit it because it was breath-taking. Well worth the visit and the drive to get to it. It is an amazing place. Chatsworth even has a maze on the property -- all extremely palatial. The below picture is the stables!!

Now I didn't happen to bump into a Mr Darcy who I would fall in love with and with whom I could live happily ever after... But I still love Chatsworth House. It did beg the question though - what determines if a place is called a house or a castle? Chatsworth is bigger than some of the castles we've seen.

Mum did a fantastic job at driving such a long way with me working as navigator. As I said before the motorways are a little scary with lorries everywhere making it a little hard to read the signs but we got to our destinations in the end.

Next we explore Lechlade...

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  1. Hi Tafline,
    This is an awesome place - did you get to spend any time in the gardens - this is not far from where Samara and Phil were living - I went there in winter one time when the house was not open but the drive was spectacular - and then going in summer when the house was open - and the gardens were full of families picnicing - got lost in the maze.