October 6, 2010

Day Six

In the morning we explored the town of Stirling enjoying a bit of shopping. We caught a cab up to the Stirling castle - taking photos of the magnificent views it provided and marveling at this structure set into the rock that had been there for many, many years.

I was blown away by the iron work. I wonder how long if would have taken the workers to build such a structure.

We saw statues built to commemorate Robert the Bruce and saw the church where Mary Queen of Scots was crowned... Talk about making history come alive.

Leaving Stirling mum and I both agreed that it was the perfect end of our tour of Scotland. We found that one the whole people are so polite and agreeable - not showing any frustration when we accidentally change lanes and when we're catching public transport there is always someone willing to tell up which stop we should take and what we should see in any particular area.

It was time to say farewell to Scotland and make our way to the Lake District. Since we were driving along the motorway we couldn't stop for picture which was such a shame because the countryside is so breathtaking. But after a brief stop at Tesco we made our way to our stop for the night to the little village of Thurstonfield.

Next we explore Hadrian's Wall.

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