October 8, 2010

Day Seven

Day seven was the sort of day where it was fine and sunny one minute and bucketing down the next... Sounds like the perfect day for a driving adventure!!

So we drove along the line of Hadrian's Wall -- stopping for the occasional photo at Roman ruins and because I was feeling quiet comfortable in my appearance a few happy snaps of me. Unfortunately I couldn't get a better picture of the ruins - I was faced with the decision of trying to take a full encompassing shot trying to capture the largess of the ruins or taking detail shots which unfortunately just looked like a pile of rocks. As I am continuing in my adventures I have noticed my composition skills improving slightly (this is not a good example!!) so hopefully by the time I get to Paris I will be able to do it justice!

One thing that I have noticed is that you have to pay for everything - pay for parking, pay for entry into this part, pay for separate entry into that particular part. And while I understand the necessity of fees in stately homes where a lot of upkeep would be required -- but these are ruins!! There's sheep running all over the land and throughout the ruins -- why the need to pay so much to see something that is essentially falling down? Now before you go getting all uptight bear in mind I'm trying to work to a budget and that I love history, truly I do and I find it all very fascinating that the structures and the wall has been there for thousands of years. I'd just like it to be a little more affordable! Having said that it was amazing to see something that had been there so very, very long.

We drove back to our cottage and while mum was having a nap I explored the back garden (it had turned sunny again) and had great fun experimenting with my Joby tripod, hanging my camera upside down, setting the manual focus and the self timer, then running around to get myself in position. I must say I'm pretty pleased with the results!

This was a lovely relaxed day to balance all the huge amount of driving we had done previous. As a side note I am amazed at how well my camera is holding up considering how many photos I have taken in the pouring rain!!

Coming up next exploring the lower lake district...

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