October 2, 2010

And So It Begins...

My adventure has been going for a few days now but this is the first decent Internet connection I could find so bare with me as I spend a little time up dating.

It all started on Monday the 27th of September at 5pm (Brisbane Australia time) - all pack, house clean, all necessary jobs done and I was super ready to go. We headed off to the airport, got our bags checked and headed through security and passport control.

After a remarkably short time it was time to board the plane. Now in my hand luggage I had packed every possible thing to keep me entertained and comfortable - my computer, my camera, my iTouch, two books, toiletries, chargers, notebooks, pens, blankets and a pillow. All I ended up using was my pillow, my camera, and my Itouch - lugging all that around for nothing!

But anyway we took off at night and stayed in darkness - for 14 1/2 hours! Very disorientating. Both my mum and I slept off and on in snatches. I'm not sure if you've ever endured a long haul flight before in economy but it is nearly impossible to get comfortable (and I usually sleep fine on airplanes). Mostly we watched movies - Emirates supplies a huge list of movies that can be played on demand. I was now dreading coming home. But the next leg would be shorter - so that would be easier.

We landed at Dubai at 4:30am local time and it was already 30 degrees. You try being in the same clothes for 14 1/2 hours then going through security, trying to find your correct gate, all the while feeling hot, sweaty and stinky - not the greatest feeling. After a two hour lay-over it was time to stay the next leg... and we finally saw the sun!

Now I had thought that the second leg would be a piece of cake compared to the first. Boy was I wrong! It was tedious and it seemed like I was forever 2 hours from our destination. Pure exhaustion finally took over and I managed to get a couple of hours sleep... To be woken by a poor little kid who had obviously had enough of the journey. By this time my body clock was completely confused and my medication schedule was all over the map.

But we finally made it. We had landed at Newcastle, England at 12:15pm local time on Tuesday! Border control took a while but we got through, got the keys to our hire car and were on the way.

We made it safely to the first stop, a Bed and Breakfast in Longhoughton. Because it was still really early and in a effort to reset body clocks and minimize jet lag we tried to stay up for a while - going for a slight drive/explore and then to find some dinner.

By this time I was feeling decidedly queasy and couldn't keep dinner down. We made our way back and stumbled into bed with me fervently hoping that I wasn't going to be sick for my entire holiday. Would my vacation be ruined?...

Next stop the first full day in England starting in Alnwick...

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