October 9, 2010

Day Ten

This is the last relaxing day of my holiday and I took the opportunity to just relax!! Given that tomorrow I will by busily exploring Oxford (Yahoo!!) then off to London to meet up with the bus tour (where I will be constantly on the move) it was important to have a day off holidaying.

So after a extremely slow start to the day we set off to explore the little town of Lechlade. What a wonderful little town with little lanes and stone cottages aplenty!

We went to the local pub and ate the biggest meal I've had in a while.

The pub was located right on the banks on the famous river Thames. There we sat and watched the ducks for a while - enjoying the sunshine and the lovely little town.

We wandered through thee streets and found beautiful church that was even more beautiful inside with stunning stained glass windows and intricate stone work. It was completely peaceful.

The cottage we are staying in is so cute (sorry to use such a word but in this case it fits!). Mum calls it a Peter Rabbit sort of house and I have to agree.

It was probably the most relaxed day of the whole holiday. I am continually amazed the the deep sense of history which bathes seemingly the whole of England and Scotland. Maybe I am the most stuck by it because Australia is such a relatively young country.

Coming up next I get to explore Oxford!!

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