October 2, 2010

Day Two

Waking up we saw SUNLIGHT!! Gorgeous sunlight! It was therefore of course necessary to pass by the stop overlooking Alwick castle once again. Boy am I ever glad we did. I confess I’m rather in love with this picture.

Driving to Edinburgh I felt like I was in the novels of Austen and Bronte with the lush rolling hills and the picturesque nature of everywhere!

We had heard that the next day would be another dismal one so we decided to get the Edinburgh to make the most of the fantastic weather. We parked on the outskirts and bussed our way into the city.

And I fell in love. I adore Edinburgh! So much history, so much culture, so much beauty, just so much!! We caught the hop on/hop off sightseeing bus and saw the house of Robert Louise Stevenson - enjoyed statue after statue, building after building. My affection for the place growing and growing with every moment I spent there. I climbed the Scott Monument and saw the city from up high.

Scots Monument

There is something about the place that is almost spiritual to me. It may be because some of my favourite authors come from there. Or it could be the interesting mix of history and modernity all contained within the same place. Whatever it is I could quite happily live there for a while.

Up next... the second day in Edinburgh


  1. Hey Tafline!
    Oh what fun! I'm glad your having a ball! These photos are lovely, the one in the country side especially, so jealous!!!

  2. Hey - so it appears that the trip of a lifetime has begun - and how - I just loved Edinburgh Castle - and even the weather. Great photos too!