October 4, 2010

Day Five

On day five we set off through Inverness to drive along the road beside Loch Ness. We were in search of the monster.

Didn't see it unfortunately but that's okay... I took photos and I can always photoshop the monster in later!

We set our course west towards the castle called Eliean Donan - for no other reason that we wanted to take photos of the castle. I am very glad we made the journey.

Now we were on our way to Stirling through spectacular country side. With a photo opportunity seeming to occur every 2 minutes we had to pace ourselves.

There was water everywhere!! Leaking through mountain gradually cutting ravines. The tress, the grass, the rocks everything was laden with water. It is truly a spectacular countryside with beauty abounding everywhere you look. It is a world away from the climate and scenery of Australia. I wondered if the locals took it for granted because they see it everyday. I certainly hope they don't loose the sense of wonder at the spectacular countryside for that would be heartbreaking.

The road wove and wound around the bottom of the mountain - mum had great fun with the corners while I hung on for dear life.

After a long driving day we finally made it to our destination of Stirling.

Next up... Adventures in Stirling and driving to the lake district.

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