August 30, 2010

Fave Photo of the Week!

So it's Monday so that means it's time for the latest installment of 'Fave Photo Of The Week'. This photo comes to you via Rosie Hardy. Find it here.

Isn't it phenomenal?? On her website she tells how she set it up. I just love it that she looks she's floating in the middle of the forest. It's beautiful, abstract and unusual. Have to say there isn't much about this image that I would change - maybe lighten up some of the green. Rosie Hardy is great at capturing an image and altering it slightly to make it really sing. I hope I can be as skilled at wheedling my photoshop wand one day.

On the topic of photos it isn't long now til I set off on my wonderful European adventure (dream fulfillment right there folks!) I am so super excited about all the different photos I will be taking in different parts of the world. I so hope that I can manage to take photos to do the beautiful places justice.

What pictures are you loving this week?

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