August 27, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Sometimes I find writing my music post quite difficult. I have noticed I tend to listen to what I call 'schizophrenic playlists' with no real theme on genre. And sometimes I have necessary periods of silence where I barely listen to any music during the whole week.

But I digress... This week's music that is making my heart skip a beat in the stunning sounds of one St. Vincent. I'm just going to put a few videos up... I struggle to know what to write about music sometimes. Sometimes you can just like music for being music without real reason or purpose behind it or at least that's what I find...


Here the official video for 'Marrow'

And another official clip for 'Actor Out of Work'

I really like her official clips. They are simple and cute proving that sometimes you don't need flash and bang.

The video for 'Just The Same But Band New' is made by a fan for the simple fact - by their own confession - that they L-O-V-E the song. In fact said video maker insist that everybody must by the album.

There is something beautifully soothing about her voice. I can just put on her music on a simply drift and let my imagination wander. There is beauty, light and love in her words and tenor.

Is there a particular song ringing in your spirit this week?

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